Gondola Moving Skates

TROLLEYS & MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT: Become one of the growing number of retailers who are proving the benefits of our Gondola Moving System, distributed exclusively by us throughout AUSTRALIA. This amazing system is the key to successful store re-fits, layout changes that offers some incredible savings for the retail operation. Changing store layouts just got a whole lot easier with our Gondola Moving Skates. It will provide you with a total revolution of the way you have thought about changing store layouts. Reduce your budget by eliminating the need of de-stocking shelving before being moved.

You'll need to engage fewer people overall - only 3 or 4 people are required to move a 10-bay gondola row. Hygiene - being able to move your gondolas & furniture easily means you can keep the store impeccably clean and eliminates the vermin-attracting build-up of rubbish underneath gondolas.

OH & S - Utilizing our gondola moving equipment will result in less strenuous effort by your staff due to liftings and manipulations and virtually eliminate the risk of injuries.  Seasonal fluctuations - now you will be able to change your store layout faster to take advantage of seasonal peak periods to increase your merchandise density. Once the peak season is over you can then spread out the shelving  again to reduce stock levels and not have empty shelves. These skates are smaller enough that they can be left under the shelving while the store is open, allowing the shelving to be easily moved for the after-hours work. Our system is the choice by retailers and contractors the world over - now you can enjoy the benefits and see a return on investment from the first use.