Gondola Mid Weight System

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Commonly found in supermarkets, pharmacies and corner stores throughout Australia,gondola shelving is typically used for storing medium-weight products, including food items. A gondola unit is a free standing unit that is easy to assemble and take apart when required, and with the option of singular or double display sides, is effective in maximising the use of your available floor space.

Spacewall Industries can help you facilitate a smooth traffic flow through your store, all while enabling you to display the merchandise you want to display with our broad range of shelving options to suit any sized retail outlet.

Choose from a wide selection of options

When you’re installing shelving in your store, it’s important to ensure that you purchase shelves that are the right dimensions for your premises. After all, you want to be sure there’s enough room for customers in your store as well as products! Spacewall Industries has gondola shelving available in white and with a range of accessories, including shelves of different depths. We offer both single and double-sided gondolas for wall and centre aisle configurations, with heights 1,500mm, 1,800mm and 2,100mm over two 'bay' widths of 900mm and 1,200mm.

With distribution centres in most capital cities across Australia, we’re able to deliver nationwide. So for all your shelving needs, browse our range and place your order online today!