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Check Out Our Top-Quality Display Shelves! 

Storage Shelving is an excellent way to organize your business, both functionally and aesthetically. Whether you’re displaying merchandise or properly storing and managing supplies, display shelving can be an enormous benefit to any business. Spacewall Industries offer a massive range of display shelves for shops that are generally used for the storage and display of psychical products ranging from food to hardware, general maintenance to garden produce, and pharmacy goods and cosmetics, and many more.

Heavy Duty Shelving Our retail shelving is available in glass, melamine, metal and/or timber. Our Melamine 'Economy' designs are restricted to the most popular of sizes and colours. Alternatively, Melamine 'Standard' & 'Soft-form' options provide a broad scope of colours, wood-grains and patterns. We have a wide variety of stylish and practical display shelf options for clients wanting to give an 'upmarket' feel. We are the only Company now offering FREE FREIGHT to Melbourne Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Display Shelves We have strong and durable 25mm thick board display shelving in a full range of colours. Our stocks of metal heavy duty shelving are not only strong but great looking too, such as our aluminum tread plate which has an 'industrial look'.

Shelving systems from Spacewall Industries allow you to get the absolute most out of any room by stacking items as high as possible and leaving space in the middle of the floor to keep the room open and accessible. We provide high quality, reliably designed and manufactured options for safety and security. Don’t have items scattered everywhere, organize them with our store shelving and maximize the potential of any room.

Retail Store Shelving Call us today to get started on fitting out your business with high quality shelves for shops. We can offer a quote on any job you need. It’s important for us to know a little bit about your space. Letting us know about your required floor area, widths and heights will help us to give your informed advice. Call Spacewall Industries today on (03) 9808 9517.