90 Degree Corners Stickman Square



"LITTLE MAN" HEAVY-DUTY CORNER PROTECTION: Manufacturing and protection system all in one. Built in extruded Aluminium components actually add strength and beauty as they cut manufacturing costs and improve quality and durability. Heavy-weight extrusion with solid corner will take all the punishment of commercial use. Simplified construction. Assembling - requires only a single pass on a standard hand router, allowing for components to be assembled faster, with fewer steps, requiring less shop space and equipment. Cutting tool also suitable for CNC machining. Cut the use of costly skilled labour without sacrificing quality and design flexibility.

SYSTEM TOOLING: Machines board edges in 1 pass to suit all 3 angles with no change of set-up. The back of the board is rebated [on all boards thicker than 16mm]. Maybe used in hand-held plunge routers or CNC machines. CNC & Feed speed provided on request. This system is designed to suit 16 or 18mm board with only a simple height adjustment required to change between the two. However, thinner boards can be utilized for lighter weight fixtures by simply gluing a wood strip on the back of the panel prior to shaping. The rebate depth can be varied to allow for cladding materials, e.g.> Aluminium composite panel on the face of MDF backing.

"LITTLE MAN" HEAVY-DUTY CORNER PROTECTION: A collection of lighter weight profiles also designed with manufacturing efficiency in mind. Separate profiles are used for 12, 16 or 18mm board. These profiles have been designed to eliminate screw fixing with integral glue traps to create strong bonds with standard panel adhesive and hides any excess glue. An injection-molded 3-way corner in matching Aluminium finish provides an amazing neat join without the need to MITRE the Aluminium sections and the resulting sharp edges. Visible radius or square corner profiles.