This well known item has really stood the test of time, and has been around for 40+ years. One of the most widely used wall interior systems in the promotion of an endless variety of merchandise. Equally so is the many floor units it compliments, please visit these as per this link. Today it is as popular to when it was first introduced.Spacewall Industries have been supplying this to the industry Australia wide for nearly as long as it has been available, and continues to offer what our competition cannot. 

We only supply products which are manufactured in Australia & New Zealand and comply & exceed the high standards set. TO ACCESS LAMINEX FULL COLOUR RANGE: PLEASE USE THIS LINK TO THEIR ONLINE COLOUR PALETTE which can be configured to show woodgrains, plains, and patterns separately

We do not sell any imported items. These contain levels of Formaldehyde which can be harmful.  

Our BULK PACK PANELS with 100mm Spacings over set quantities & colourways. 

Our PAINT READY & WHITE panels, many PLAIN COLOURS & several WOODGRAINS  we are regularily shipping to all states.  

Our prices include yield of aluminium extrusions, **custom cutting if not too involved & with such details being provided to us by email. Many installers & shopfitters etc welcome this, and it allows them to complete projects quickly.** We normally finish panels 1200mm high x 2400mm wide with 1/2 groove on one long edge, this enables panels to be mounted on top of each other allowing only one visible butt joint every 2400mm [normally 1200mm] However, we machine whatever the customer requests. ALL GOODS THAT LEAVE OUR FACTORY ARE SECURELY PACK STRAPPED FOR LOCAL & INTERSTATE FREIGHTING. Like all our products these items are inclusive of GST.