PLAIN COLOURED & / OR WOOD GRAIN SLAT-WALL MR MDF LAMINATED PANELS 2400MM X 1200MM this is where fashion & tried basics contunue to thrive.We offer what no other competitor can. We only supply products manufactured in Australia & New Zealand by LAMINEX INDUSTRIES and comply & exceed the high standards set. We do not sell any imported items. These contain levels of Formaldehyde which can be harmful. All goods that leave our factory are safely pack strapped for local & interstate freighting. Our prices are inclusive of GST & Packing . WE ACCEPT ORDERS WITH MIXED COLOURWAYS within a PACK of 20 plus PANELS. THE LAMINEX COLOURS ILLUSTRATED ABOVE ARE DESCRIBED FROM TOP LEFT ACROSS AS RED - GUNMETAL - ZINCWORKS - WHITE THEN YOUNG BEECH - OYSTER - SELECT BEECH & BLACK. Other Laminex colours can be requested and would receive our best quote & delivery on supplying.THESE PANELS 2400 X 1200MM ARE GROOVED AT 100MM ACROSS THE LENGTH 2400MM [LANDSCAPE] WITH A 1/2 GROOVE ON ONE LONG EDGE SO THAT TWO PANELS CAN BE INSTALLED ONE ON TOP OF THE OTHER TO GIVE AN AREA 2400 X 2400MM. YIELD OF 11.5 ALUMINIUM 'L' EXTRUSIONS PER PANEL ARE SUPPLIED WITH PANELS.