PAINT READY - Often used for simply that, and for clients who wish to have a certain colour or finish that is not available as a laminate board. With the price of paint & the involvement of painting we always point out that the difference may not be that much, but if as we have mentioned, a special paint colour finish is preferred, then this item is ideal. For clients in warmer states we only use MR [Moisture Resistant] MDF quality.

We continue to offer what no other competitor can. We only supply products from Laminex Industries which are manufactured in Australia & New Zealand and comply & exceed the high standards set. We do not sell any imported items. These contain levels of Formaldehyde which can be harmful.  All goods that leave our factory are safely pack strapped for local & interstate freighting. Our prices are inclusive of GST, packing, cutting to size if requested [something that installers & shop fitters appreciate in saving time to complete projects]. Also and importantly the yield of extrusions that are required to be inserted into the panels prior to erecting them. We have arranged the standard spacing that we machine in size 200mm downwards. The price for 200mm is less than the others for two reasons, our time to machine versions such as 50mm take much longer, also the closer spacings use more extrusion inserts. This selection is what we call Landscape grooving where we machine across the longest part of the 2400w x 1200mm high panel and have applied a half groove along this long width so that when installing, one sheet is mounted on top of the other, and allows less 'butt joints' when there is a long wall of SLAT-WALL, and only see a feint join every 2400mm. If you prefer PORTRAIT 1200w x 2400mm High, simply inform us.THE 1ST PRICE SHOWN BELOW IS OUR BASE PRICE. THE MORE YOU REQUIRE THE LESS IT COSTS. TO ACCESS LAMINEX FULL COLOUR RANGE PLEASE USE THIS LINK TO THEIR ONLINE COLOUR PALETTE WHICH CAN BE CONFIGURED TO SHOW WOODGRAINS, PLAINS, AND PATTERNS SEPARATELY.