Completed Units

Rotating Display Panels and Other Completed Units

Shelving and display panels are essential fixtures of any retail environment. They not only enable you to display your stock easily and tidily, but they also help to break up the floor space and give your store a sense of order and organisation.

There are many options to choose from, but the first decision you will need to make is whether you will put together your shelving yourself or opt for completed units such as rotating display panels or double sided walls. If you have neither the time nor the skill to put together shelving for your retail store, consider ordering from the great selection of completed units you can buy online from Spacewall Industries.

Order Ready made Units to Save Time and Stress

Spacewall Industries offers a premium selection of completed units for your store that come without the premium price tag. Our rotating display panels are available in various designs, sizes and colours to accommodate varied quantities of stock, while our double-sided walls on castors come with the option of having a base for added stability or no base at all.

With our competitive prices, quality manufacturing, and affordable Australia-wide delivery, there is no better time than now to order rotating display panels or other completed units for your retail floor from Spacewall Industries. Save yourself a lot of time and stress and browse our range today.