Single Sided

Single Sided Gondola Shelving

The purpose of visual merchandising is to create displays that catch the eye and offer strong aesthetic appeal. The single sided gondola shelving units available from Spacewall Industries deliver that strong visual appeal and more.

Able to be used to create a worthwhile feature wall in a retail environment, these shelving units make it easy to gain the attention of your shoppers. Whether you choose to highlight a new product that has just come to market, create a display for a special occasion (e.g. Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or Easter), or showcase various products that might be popular at that time, you can be confident that our single sided gondola shelving will provide the convenience and the visual appeal that you need.

Create the Look You Want for Your Business

Spacewall Industries’ single sided gondola shelving is available in a range of colours and designs, enabling you to create a great retail feature wall that will help to increase sales. You’ll also enjoy the versatility that comes with being able to configure your display system any way you like; whether it’s with shelves, hooks, or both. Easy to assemble and available in a variety of sizes, check out the single sided gondola shelving range available from Spacewall Industries and place your order online today. We deliver right across Australia.