Display Counters for Sale

Our display counters for sale are ideal for any retail shop displaying wares. Depending on your business, different materials will properly convey the atmosphere your particular customers expect. Whether you’re looking for glass counters for shops or wooden shop counters, we’re sure to have the retail counter that’s right for you.

Glass Display Counters

From glass display counters that fit into the corner and glass counters with sliding rear doors for storage, through to glass counters in mushroom design with lockable displays, we offer a large selection to ensure you find what you need. These are perfect for higher-end displays that hold valuable items, such as jewellery, phones, tablets, and other premium products that you want people to see but not touch without permission.

Modular Shop Counters

When you need to assemble a large display that’s connected to the till, a modular shop counter is an ideal choice. We offer corner pieces, counters with optional drawers and hinges, and even counters with space for cash tills. Using these modular counters, you can assemble any retail counter layout you desire.

Timber Retail Counters

Our sturdy wooden shop counters are a popular choice for many retail environments. Available in maple, black, and white, these units are capable of holding heavy products with ease. If you need the strongest of shop counters, choose timber.

Timber and Glass

For both sophistication and strength, choose from our timber and glass shop counters for sale. We offer corner displays along with regular counters in black and white colours.

Choose Your Display Counter Today

The shop counter is often one of the most important aspects of a retail outlet. With your goods proudly on display and neatly presented, customers will be encouraged to purchase what they see. Contact Spacewall Industries today on (03) 9890 5711 to learn more or place an order.