• Our range of SHELF MANAGEMENT components provides smart solutions to a range of common merchandising difficulties.
  • By providing division for specific product spacing, you will not only convey a far superior image but will also achieve increased sales through merchandise  being kept perfectly in line with shelf ticketing. You will find there will be fewer lost sales through product slippage.
  • Professional shelf management will achieve far greater economy of shelf space, allowing for more products to be displayed in the same footprint.
  • In addition to lateral movement control, you can select from our range of systems for keeping product upright always at the shelf front, creating greater impact and opportunity for impulse sales.
  • You'll enjoy seeing the increased sales as well as the reduction of costs through the labour-saving of installing your SHELF MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS

DIRECT ATTACHMENT DIVIDERS - insert directly into front channel of shelf

TOOTH DIVIDER SYSTEMS - for very accurate compartmenting of shelf

'TIRETTE' SYSTEMS & DIVIDERS WITH FRONTS - for exceptional product support

SPRING-LOADED PUSHERS & DIVIDERS WITH FRONTS - for labour-saving merchnadising

SNAP-ON DIVIDERS - attach dividers anywhere  along the length of a shelf rail

WIRE DIVIDER SYSTEM - insert directly into front & rear channels of shelf