Increase Product Awareness and Visibility with Our Point-of-Sale Displays

Anyone working in retail business knows that the point of sale area is a veritable gold mine for impulse buys and last minute sales. maximizing the space on and around the point of sale displays for those last minute cash-ins is a worthwhile investment of time and money. Here at Spacewall Industries, we supply an extensive range of premium-quality point of sale displays that suit any kind of retail space or service provider branch. Whether you’re looking for brochure holders for the counter, ticket stripping for the shelves or ceiling accessories to hang above the POS (and in the eye line of your customers), you can be sure that we’ve got the ideal retail display solution to help drive your business.

Point of Sale Displays

Effective use of point of sale displays can help you improve visibility and awareness of particular brands and products which can be especially useful for product launches, seasonal campaigns or when you simply have an excess of stock to clear. Spacewall Industries offers a wide selection of options that can help you promote specific products or services at one of the prime locations of your business premises.

Every business’ needs are different when it comes to visual merchandising, so we want to do our best to provide you with the perfect solution that meets your requirements. Whether you need to update your old, existing retail displays or you’re starting a new business from scratch and need the essentials to get going, browse our complete range and place your order with us today. We deliver right across Australia.

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