Like our shelving area Signage is also wide in size & comprehensive in styles. Whilst we have many general standard items we CUSTOM MAKE many others. Signage can also be seen within our website under the following links, and worth viewing: CABLE & ROD Systems      BROCHURE Holders      POSTER Displays      POSTER Rail System      SIGNAGE Frame Systems 

Buy the acrylic sign holders you need for your shop from Spacewall Industries.If we don't have what you want, maybe we can make it!

Acrylic Signs Holders

Acrylic sign holders should be your first choice for sign display in your store. Offering identical advantages to glass without any risk of breakage, they allow your signs to be seen crystal-clear by all customers. Acrylic is an incredibly strong material that doesn’t show many signs of wear and tear – should it sustain any marks, it’s cheap and quick to replace.

Sign Holders

Our sign holders come in a huge range of sizes and styles – whilst we have standard sizes, we can also make custom holders based on your specifications and will assist you in choosing the best acrylics for your shop. If you’d like to know more, give our friendly staff a call and they’ll be happy to assist you!

We offer incredible discounts should you choose to bulk order – these are listed under the product description. Better yet, we pack our acrylic sign holders and ship them directly to your door. If you’d like to know how much the complete package will cost you, click on the buy/estimate/enquire online button – and you’ll find out postage cost simply by punching in your postcode!

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