Acrylic Display Box & Stands

An acrylic display box is the perfect way to showcase products in your store. Their clear design offers complete transparency, allowing you to display merchandise while keeping it safely locked away. They’re also highly versatile, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether you want to use them as food display stands or you simply want to showcase jewelry, medical goods or any other items you wish, acrylic displays case offers an attractive way of organizing and displaying your goods. They can also be used on a revolving stand so items can be viewed from different angles, making them the perfect display case for your business.

Acrylic Display & Glass Display Box

Although they don’t always look strong to the naked eye, retail display stands and display boxes are favoured for their durability. However, style is often just as important as strength. A stylish and fashionable design can attract customers and get them looking at your products no matter what they are. Spacewall Industries has a wide range of Perspex shop display stands, acrylic food/cake display cabinets and acrylic showcases to choose from, ensuring you’ll find something suitable. If none of our designs meet your needs, we also offer a full custom service – if you want a glass display box, we can make it happen! We guarantee customer satisfaction by taking into account your special requirements and specifications.

Display Case, Stands & Boxes

Aside from having a clear colouring that perfectly showcases your products, acrylic display cabinets require minimal maintenance to keep them looking their best. Scratches can easily be avoided by applying various protective measures. Chat to our friendly staff about keeping your acrylic and Perspex display stands scratch free

Retail Shop Display Stands

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