Acrylic display bins are perfectly suited to the storage and display of small goods and any other items you may have. Acrylic is favoured for its rugged durability and offers the perfect counterpoint to using glass. Glass can be expensive, fragile and heavy. Acrylic is the complete opposite. It’s lightweight and easy to move around if you decide to change the layout of your store in the future. It’s also very simple when it comes to maintenance. Customers can clearly see goods on display and you get all the benefits of glass, without the price tag and fragility.Our display bins fit slat-wall, slat-grid, pegboard, square-grid and most other applications. We have a huge range of options so whether you need flat, straight, sloping or angled, we have you covered. We can also provide brackets that join multiple bins together into a variety of shapes and sizes complete with easy change connections.WE WELCOME YOUR ENQUIRIES PLEASE USE THIS LINK

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