Custom Made Acrylic Items Including Signage

The above was made for Essendon Mazda 345 Wirraway Road Essendon Fields VIC 3041  THIS LINK TO PROJECTS AREA WHERE WE HAVE ALSO OTHER CUSTOM MADE ITEMS FOR VARIOUS CUSTOMERS

ACRYLIC as a fabrication is widely used for a myriad of items, in all sorts of sizes & make-up. Apart from the many items  we have as stock, we also make as many for clients specific needs.PLEASE USE THIS LINK TO OUR EMAIL ADDRESS IF YOU HAVE FURTHER INQUIRIES. We have made so many items over our 25+ years with the following being examples of what we have conducted and supplied.Depending on size of item/s and what is involved may require multiple units to be made.


          We have various machines for certain production requirements



         Product presentation boxes etc



         Commercial & Domestic displays over many designs & sizes



           Large format areas such as TV stations involving lighting etc



         Client Logos



         Product Displays & Presentations



         Examples of Signage and in every practical size & application



        Displays & containers for various foods. Please follow this link to other containers



        ................and others for Cigars to Jewellery



       Presentations & awards etc 

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